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SH 100

Crystallizer for marble

Manufacturer ILPA ADESIVI

This crystallizer for marble gives a mirror gloss on floors in marble, terrazzo and similar stones. SH 100 has a “glass” effect, therefore it removes the stone’s unstable molecules and
restores them with the compounds of its special formula, its wax produces a durable final polish. Our SH 100 is highly appreciated for its excellent reaction time and absence of opacity
and yellowing, even a long time after application. SH100 is ready for use as supplied. Carefully clean the surface to be treated and evenly distribute SH 100, using a spray tool. Then use a single-brush (approx. 40 kg), from 1.7hp to 170 rev. p. min.; using fine steel wool discs; it is recommended to treat small surfaces at a time, max 4 m2 each time.

Priece refers to a specific package of products:

-12 units of 1 kg


Crystallizer for marble SH 100 - ILPA ADESIVI

Crystallizer for marble SH 100 - ILPA ADESIVI
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