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Epoxy resin

Manufacturer ILPA ADESIVI

Epokitt Line
Epokitt epoxy resin is a product resulting from the reaction between liquid epichlorohydrin and bisphenol A, modified with an aromatic monofunctional reactive diluent. Its low viscosity allows penetration into very thin cracks. Its low surface tension also allows an improved surface wettability and adhesion and a slightly lower viscosity. The reactive diluent in it increases its pot life as well as its flexibility (impact resistance); it also limits the strength of the solvent and improves its resistance to acids. Other features: improved filling power, less odor, lower vapor pressure and potentially lower risks for what concerns the treatment of epoxy resins. Thanks to its curing agents as aliphatic polyamines and polyamides, EPOKITT is used in civil engineering where high loading filler (flooring), plastering, concrete reinforcement, structural adhesives, high solid paints and applications to be injected into cracks, are required. This resin can also be used to reinforce marble slabs, by making it penetrate into cracks, or even by welding the fiberglass net in the back of a slab.
On some types of granite, it may enhance the wet effect. The EPOKITT has a low tendency to crystallization. In order to definitely prevent it, it is enough to keep the product at temperatures not lower than 25 ° C. The catalysis ratio with its hardener is 1:2

Priece refers to a specific package of products:

-6 units of 1 kg
-1 unit of 20 kg
-3 unit of 4 kg of resin and 3 unit of 2 kg of catalyst

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 - Epoxy hardener EPOKITT - ILPA ADESIVI Epoxy hardener Epokitt hardener - Amino cicloalifatico hardener, very high fluidity, with very high cutting power on Epoxy Resin viscosity. Extremely fast: used in the proportion of 50%, hardening of the resin can be completed in about 4-6 hours according to atmospheric conditions, while the working time at 20°C is about 23 minutes. Highest mechanical resistance values can be reached after about 7 days. 


Epoxy resin EPOKITT Resin - ILPA ADESIVI

Epoxy resin EPOKITT Resin - ILPA ADESIVI
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