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Surface cleaning product

Manufacturer CAMP

DopoPosa® Collection
An after installation acid cleaning powder for floors and grouting for professional use. It quickly and effectively removes encrustations and after laying dirt , mortar, cement and lime debris, paint stains, limestone deposits, saline efflorescence, saltpetre etc. It does not release bad odours or dangerous fumes. Its powder formula makes it versatile and ideal for floors and horizontal surfaces.

Usage: Ideal for stoneware, cotto, ceramics, clinker, bricks for external cladding, carparo, mosaics, exposed stone, gneiss, porphyry, roof tiles, grit sand bricks, unpolished and non calcareous natural stone, cement and acid resistant natural stone.

CAMP Catalogues

Surface cleaning product DOPOPOSA® POWDER - CAMP

Surface cleaning product DOPOPOSA® POWDER - CAMP
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