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MUFFACONTROL | Paint additive

Paint additive

Manufacturer CAMP

MuffaControl Collection
A concentrated fungicide and algaecide additive. MuffaControl Additive is a product which is added to all types of water based paints to give an effective anti-mould action. It is recommended even when using additivated water based paints as it will enhance the anti-mould properties of the coating.

Usage: MuffaControl Additive should always be used in addition to all water based paints. Ideal for humidity exposed walls, such as kitchens, bathrooms, cellars, cupboards, garages and, generally, cold walls or poorly ventilated environments. Suitable for re-touching/painting indoors or outdoors.

- Prevents the formation and re-appearance of mould
- Widespread action fungicide and algaecide
- Concentrated formula
Paint additive MUFFACONTROL | Paint additive - CAMP

Paint additive MUFFACONTROL | Paint additive - CAMP
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