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Air to water Heat pump

Manufacturer COENERGIA

The heat pump SUPRAECO W establishes a new standard in hot water production deriving from renewable energy.
SUPRAECO W allows an ecologic hot water production, economic and efficient with its stratified storaged tank (270 liter) and its high efficiency air-water heat pump, with an advanced electronic control.
SUPRAECO W sets new standards of excellence in terms of extension of operating limits, efficiency and reliability, ensuring the operation of the heat pump with air temperatures between -10 and 35 ° C.

Always present is an electric resistance, with contribution set by the user, that acts as a support of the SUPRAECO W.

SUPRAECO W is designed to operate aspirating and empting the air in the installation environment (recirculated air) or, via optional ducts, the aspiration/discharge can take place in the external environment (canalized air).
The HP 270-1E 1 FOV/S is the most complete one and includes an exchanger dedicated to the heat integration through a solar thermal system.
Air to water Heat pump SUPRAECO W - COENERGIA

Air to water Heat pump SUPRAECO W - COENERGIA
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