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Surface water-repellent product

Manufacturer ILPA ADESIVI

Drai Line
Drai is a very good waterproof sealant, anti-stain, ideal for marble, granite, brick, concrete and natural stones in general. It can be used successfully on floors, tables, working tops, kitchen and bathroom tops, where it prevents the absorption of liquids like water, oil, coffee, wine. It doesn’t form any film, and penetrates deeply into any type of natural stones. It doesn’t turn yellow or change the colour and the look of the treated material, allowing perspiration. Antistatic, protects from rain, smog and grease. Drai Spray is suitable for all “do it yourself” works, easy and fast application; no other tools are required like brushes or cloths; and the safety packaging allows this product to be used also in all domestic areas, without any risks.

Priece refers to a specific package of products:

-12 units of 0,32 kg


Surface water-repellent product DRAI SPRAY - ILPA ADESIVI

Surface water-repellent product DRAI SPRAY - ILPA ADESIVI
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