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Indoor Wall-mounted boiler

Manufacturer COENERGIA

CERAPUR Collection
Devices' Features
Compact boilers with DHW, for air heating.
They meet the requirements of European Directives 90/396/EEC, 92/42/EEC, 73/23/EEC, 89/336/EEC and correspond to the prototype described in the relevant CE certificate.
Boilers operating on natural gas (converted to LPG using the appropriate kit) propane and air, using a special regulation.
They meet the requirements, condensing boilers in accordance with the regulations on heating systems.
They belong to the highest emissions required by technical standards EN 297 and EN 483.
Respecting the limits "Blue Angel" about polluting emissions, according to RAL UZ 61
The certifications of type B23, B33, C13, C33, C43, C53, C63, C83.
Indoor Wall-mounted boiler CERAPUR SMART - COENERGIA

Indoor Wall-mounted boiler CERAPUR SMART - COENERGIA
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