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Indoor Wall-mounted boiler

Manufacturer COENERGIA

CERACLASS Collection
Ceraclass SmartDevice's Description
Wall-mounted boiler with domestic hot water production; suitable for heating systems
Sealed chamber and forced draft.
Complies with the requirements of the European Directives 90/396/EEC, 92/42/EEC, 73/23/EEC, 89/336/EEC and corresponds to the prototypes described in the respective CE certified.
Certifications obtained, type C12, C32, C42, C52, C82, B22 and B32.

Maximum lengths intake / exhaust Horizontal concentric system with AZ 361 = 4 meters
Vertical concentric system with AZ 369 = 8 meters
Split two-pipe system with splitter = 30 equivalent feet

Combination with solar thermal systems
Using accessory kit Solar is possible to combine the hot water side of boilers, storage tanks in solar thermal systems dedicated to the production of ACS (see Section Solar Kit).
Indoor Wall-mounted boiler CERACLASS - COENERGIA

Indoor Wall-mounted boiler CERACLASS - COENERGIA
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