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NEW MODULAMM | Fabric chair

Stackable fabric chair

Manufacturer LAMM

New Modulamm Collection
A community seating system widely used for conference rooms, teaching classrooms, multi-functional and waiting areas. Characterised by a timeless design, that stands out for its clean-cut lines and aesthetic unity, associated with high technical performance and comfort. 

Classic revisited
The system is an evolution of the historic Modulamm series, redesigned and updated in every feature: in its shape, which is made squarer; in the design of its construction details; in the selection of finishes; in the use of materials, processed using the most up-to-date technology; in assembly of the components, which are better coordinated.

Seat and backrest made of plywood, or padded and covered with fabric. Structure in painted or chrome-plated steel.

As well as the four legged chair (stackable), it is also available in a beam-mounted version (fro 2,3,4,5 places), with fixed or tip-up seat, further extending the possible applications for the system.

Fixed arms
Writing tablet with anti-panic movement
Writing tablet with vertical tip-up movement
Row alignment hooks
Inter-row bars
Service table for beam-mounted version
Dolly to transport stacked seats.

Chair for community, multi-purpose areas, classrooms and waiting areas, characterised by top-quality technical performance and great comfort. Stackable and available with accessories. Available also the version on beam. The traditional, round-outlined version - typical of the Seventies – has now been joined by the squared silhouette of the New Modulamm that is characterised by a modernization in terms of shape, project details, finishes and materials. The details' geometry has been simplified, finishes have been uniformed and the single parts' volumes combine into a more harmonious whole. Everything contributes to the highest formal simplicity of the product, in order to recreate todays trends' aesthetic unitariness. The beam version, which is available with both fixed and tip-up seats, is designed for installation in straight or curved rows, on horizontal flooring, on steps or on sloped flooring.


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Stackable fabric chair NEW MODULAMM | Fabric chair - LAMM

Stackable fabric chair NEW MODULAMM | Fabric chair - LAMM
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