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DuepuntoZero COMP 2

Single wall-mounted vanity unit

Manufacturer LASA IDEA

DuepuntoZero Collection
Duepuntozero line is made of "solid surtace " an innovative composite material that offers outstanding features such as infinite design flexibility, the ease in cleaning and the ability to restore the surface from scratches or stains. The project develops a complete line for the bathroom which consists of washbasins, furniture, cabinets, mirrors, shelves and tubs.
The objects in the collection are characterized by a design that works on mass and shapes with rounded corners as if the objects were derived from the excavation of entire blocks, but with the incredible surprise of the extraordinary lightness of each piece. The considerable thickness combined with the extreme lightness is the distinctive character of the collection. The basin, for example, is presented as a monocoque mass with glossy surface and continuous seamless passes from the tank, to the sides, to the base.
The corners are rounded strictly (the whole system is essentially based on two-beam only) two of the sides are thin, the other two thick to allow the housing of the tank flush or recessed niches.

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Single wall-mounted vanity unit DuepuntoZero COMP 2 - LASA IDEA

Single wall-mounted vanity unit DuepuntoZero COMP 2 - LASA IDEA
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