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NAPOLI | Armchair

Upholstered armchair with armrests

Manufacturer Martini Mobili

Luxury Day Area Collection
Each of Martini's creations is unique. In making the luxury living rooms, all the compositions are studied according to criteria of refined elegance and tailored to the needs of our customers. Thanks to great elegance and high value, each project is a work of art able to cope with any requirement of space control, functionality and exposure. Moreover, top quality technology creates innovative functions able to better life in the living area.

Formal continuity pervades the whole environment, makingit unitary but full of surprising touches. Carving is replaced by moulded glass featuring the use of mecca silver leaf, the soft forms of the big desk envelop the executive chair, the fireplace reflects the same finishes and shapes of the wall with the addition of the special mirrored front, through the unitpanel which opens to reveal the television.

NAPOLI. Armchair. 

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Upholstered armchair with armrests NAPOLI | Armchair - Martini Mobili

Upholstered armchair with armrests NAPOLI | Armchair - Martini Mobili
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