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COSSE | Sofa

2 seater fabric sofa

Manufacturer ROSET ITALIA

Cosse Collection
Comfort is a sensation. As with all sensations any description will be subjective, but is it not an impression of lightness, such as when a body is liberated from its own weight in the water? Comfort, therefore, was the inspiration for the Cosse settee, along with the expertise acquired by Cinna over time, such as their capacity to integrate the required technology with the optimization of materials in a way which preserves lightness, perhaps through the use of minimally thick materials and discreet framework which will fade into the background for the benefit of the simplest and lightest possible forms. Mastery of the constraints of series production, hand in hand with optimized technology and materials, work together to produce freely-flowing shapes such as that of the Cosse settee. Softly welcoming contours, a soft, delicate all-enveloping form which, sustained by a fine natural wood structure, floats above 
the ground. The remarkable comfort of the seat, achieved thanks to its elastic-webbed suspension, contributes to this feeling of comfort and lightness. One will also note those little details which, as always with Cinna, add to the sumptuousness of the model : the 
meanders of the armrest, for example, and the resulting difficulty of upholstering these, or the extreme slimness of the solid wood feet.

Medium settee W 175 D 99 H 82 SEAT HEIGHT 38.

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2 seater fabric sofa COSSE | Sofa - ROSET ITALIA

2 seater fabric sofa COSSE | Sofa - ROSET ITALIA
2 seater fabric sofa COSSE | Sofa - ROSET ITALIA

2 seater fabric sofa COSSE | Sofa - ROSET ITALIA
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