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Automatic parking systems

Manufacturer CARMEC

Car stackers take advantage of vertical space in high-ceilinged private or public garages, as they make it possible to park cars on two levels. However, the cars cannot be moved independently, as the car on the lower level must be removed before the car on top can be lowered to the ground.
CARMEC models are designed so that one to three cars can be parked on each level and two or more systems can be installed side by side.

Model ACO-4 makes full use of the space between the four support posts, which are positioned against the garage walls to limit obstacles.
Model ACO-4 is particularly suitable for vans, campers and armored cars. The entire platform can be occupied, often with enough space left over for motorcycles or other objects.

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 - Automatic parking systems ACO-S - CARMEC Automatic parking systems CARWith model ACO-S, a car is parked on a platform which is then lifted, leaving the area below completely clear. The system is suspended from above, anchored to special beams or support brackets.
 - Automatic parking systems ACO-2 - CARMEC Automatic parking systems CARModel ACO-2 enables two cars to be stored in the same footprint and can be installed in a garage or outdoor parking area.
Load-bearing structure consists of two forward-located posts that do not interfere with opening the car doors and entering or exiting the vehicle.
 - Automatic parking systems ACO-2i - CARMEC Automatic parking systems Model ACO-2i is the ideal solution for garages with low ceilings: the top car is inclined to take advantage of the fact that the bottom car’s hood is lower than its roof, thus reducing the total height occupied by the two stacked vehicles.
 - Automatic parking systems ACO-4D - CARMEC Automatic parking systems In wide garages, Model ACO-4D makes it possible to house a total of four cars, two per level, making full use of the space between the posts. The entire platform can be occupied, thus facilitating parking manoeuvers.

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Automatic parking systems ACO-4 - CARMEC

Automatic parking systems ACO-4 - CARMEC
Automatic parking systems ACO-4 - CARMEC

Automatic parking systems ACO-4 - CARMEC
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