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77 IW

Thermal break window

Manufacturer ALUK Group

IW Series
The 77 IW series was created to meet the demands of an increasingly demanding market in terms of performance and comfort, while maintaining the key features of the success of the IW series. This series is suitable for use in both new construction and renovation, and satisfies the requirements of demanding customers in terms of design, performance and attention to detail. These systems have high thermal insulation, which is obtained through the use of 39 mm alveolar polyamide bars and is reinforced by the insertion of special insulating strips. The solution allows for the reduction of convective motions inside the cavity of the profiles and gives performance values thermal acoustic certificates of considerable value. It is characterized by sectional profiles from 77mm frame to 87 mm for sashes. 67IW provides customers the most demanding solutions and better performance in the AluK range.

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Thermal break window 77 IW - ALUK Group

Thermal break window 77 IW - ALUK Group
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