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Handmade linen fabric

Manufacturer Zimmer + Rohde

Optimiste Collection
The poetry to be found within nature and the art it inspires is at the heart of the new Etamine collection, which features evocative names such as JARDIN SECRET, ESCAPADE and OPTIMISTE. Flowers, garden ambiance, landscapes, but also earthenware décor or folk handicraft create a subtle and colourful ode that is both fresh and elegant. Elaborate embroidery, inspired prints, understated woven material, created using a wide range of fibres and various techniques, together add an air of nobility to silk, cotton satin and linen fabrics.
Delicate, sophisticated or solar-inspired colourways come together as part of a rich range of countless palettes. ESTUAIRE, MOUSTIÉ, MOISSON, GAVOTTE brought together in the ESCAPADE collection, and VASTERIVAL, EUGÉNIE, CLOSERAIE and LUCIOLE in the JARDIN SECRET collection resonate with the OPTIMISTE collection, a charming and dynamic bicolour background, whose vast range of colours offers endless combinations. Listen to the colours calling you and sense the style radiating from the motifs of this collection that exudes a refined, lively and decidedly OPTIMISTE ambiance! 

Indiscret 19477
From the good old days of weaving, this fabric is soothing and light on a pure delicate linen background.
2 Colourways
99% Linen, 1% Polyester
300 cm | 118 inch 

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Handmade linen fabric INDISCRET - Zimmer + Rohde

Handmade linen fabric INDISCRET - Zimmer + Rohde
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