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Solid-color linen fabric

Manufacturer Zimmer + Rohde

Urban Jungle Collection
The urban jungle is a place of adventure and mystery, a place to explore both the unknown and the familiar. Life pulsates and vibrates here against the rich play of light and shade. Pioneering spirit is essential if you want to discover something new. The new URBAN JUNGLE collection from Zimmer + Rohde is inspired by these dazzling and sensual elements of the urban jungle and plays on jungle themes. It’s no coincidence that the striking JAGUAR silk, with its impressive dazzling diamond shapes against a warm, matte background, bears the name of a wild cat. Just as fur glistens in the sun, the material mimics the flowing, graceful movements of a jaguar. The expressive colours and fine, irregular rep structure of SHADES gives this fabric a mysterious nobility and depth.
The decorative fabrics from URBAN JUNGLE create striking accents in expressive colours such as pistachio, plum and fuchsia and are accompanied by classic and elegant tones such as silver, bronze and graphite. The noble upholstery fabrics DIAMOND, DELIGHT and ROADS add the finishing touches to this sumptuous urban interior collection. URBAN JUNGLE will take you on an inspiring journey of discovery! 

LINUM 10565
LINUM is a simple yet colourful woven singlecolour linen. This semi-transparent decorative fabric provides privacy while allowing in enough light to create a pleasant ambiance in any room. The colour palette includes classic natural tones and is complemented by fine pastel variations in apricot beige, pink, light blue and reed, to name a few. The two single-colour decorative fabrics VINTAGE and LINUM are bound together in a small ZR book (19 x 21 cm).
9 Colourways
80% Linen, 10% Wool, 10% Acrylic
310 cm | 122 inch (room-high) 

Zimmer + Rohde Catalogues

Solid-color linen fabric LINUM - Zimmer + Rohde

Solid-color linen fabric LINUM - Zimmer + Rohde
Solid-color linen fabric LINUM - Zimmer + Rohde

Solid-color linen fabric LINUM - Zimmer + Rohde
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