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Vinyl wallpaper

Manufacturer Zimmer + Rohde

Reflection Collection
The new REFLECTION wallcoverings collection from Zimmer + Rohde, inspired by skilled Asian and western craftwork, creates a sensual world filled with class. REFLECTION plays with exceptional techniques and relief-like surfaces: Matte/gloss light variations, structures reminiscent of gold leaves, broken surfaces and classy, metallic effects give the collection its extravagant character. GOLDEN RAIN pours out like metallic rain over a background with a motherof- pearl finish, evoking silver, gold and copper in its light reflections. SHADES OF LACQUER captivates with the look and feel of crafted enamel surfaces and Japanese painting techniques in distinctive, warm colour variations. GLAZE, on the other hand, emphasises stylish reserve with a stunning surface effect thanks to its all-over craquelé structure. MEDITATION is a three-dimensional mosaic whose surface appears like embossed leather and is finished with a mother-of-pearl shimmer with light metallic particles. In accordance with this fine craftwork, this noble collection uses gold and silver base tones to create a sensual, spatial experience.

Palisade 2750022
With their brilliant colour effects, the clear horizontal and vertical shapes evoke layers of mineral rock. Inspired by the diversity of the natural world of colour, we have created five expressive colours. The dramatic surface of Palisade gets a unique style through a special metal print and is finished to create a final three-dimensional effect. 
5 Colourways
Vinyl on Non Woven
70 cm x 10,5 cm
27.55 inch x 4.13 inch 

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Vinyl wallpaper PALISADE - Zimmer + Rohde

Vinyl wallpaper PALISADE - Zimmer + Rohde
Vinyl wallpaper PALISADE - Zimmer + Rohde

Vinyl wallpaper PALISADE - Zimmer + Rohde
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