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JOY 96/97

Single wall-mounted wooden vanity unit

Manufacturer Cerasa

Joy Collection
Joy is pure simplicity, clean-cut beauty and refined elegance. The Joy has a sophisticated and contemporary flair, where details are key to uniqueness. When essential meets quality, you get Joy. Modular units, see-through containers, curved drawers, mirrors with built-in lighting and decoration quotes, offset cut: these are the features that make of Joy a truly magnificent piece of design - a work of art. 
Joy is one of the most appreciated collections because it represents the best of contemporary trends thanks to its clean and very practical lines, underlined by the absence of handles, that are replaced with coloured grooves, in the same furniture shades or in contrasting ones, according to customers' tastes. Joy is available in six wooden finishes (Cacao, Corda, Natural, Industrial, Canapa and Papiro), in any glossy or matt lacquered colour even as per sample, and in coloured wooden finishes with scratched or open pore effect; the wide modularity ensures versatility and maximum exploitation of the available spaces. To emphasize, the possibility of choosing bases with shaped drawers and wall units with inclined cut: these items meet the need of containment, but at the same time lighten the visual impact of composition. Wide range of tops, basins, accessories and complements to find the right solution for every space. Joy is not only designed for the bathroom, but thanks to its versatility, its elements can be used to create walk-in closets, obtained in the bathroom or in the bedroom, so as to have a well-organized and stylistically coherent continuum. Joy collection also includes metal elements, in any matt colour as sample: wall units, coffee tables, shelves and a storage bar, that can be equipped with methacrylate elements such as storage boxes, magnifying mirror, hairdryer-holder, magnet support... Among the available items, it is also possible to choose elements to contain washing machine and dryer, base units for washtub or with laundry bag, equipped full-height units to be used as shoe racks: so, even a purely functional area, furnished with Joy, becomes refined and allows to express better the taste and style of those who live it. 

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Single wall-mounted wooden vanity unit JOY 96/97 - Cerasa

Single wall-mounted wooden vanity unit JOY 96/97 - Cerasa
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