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Thermo structured surface

Manufacturer Cleaf

Research, innovation and technology are the distintive features of the new FUSION line of products, brought forth by the commitment and passion of Cleaf Research Lab. 
FUSION results from the incorporation of textiles and threads to panels and laminated surfaces through state of the art technology, and provides the world of interior design with highly innovative solutions in both aesthetics and functionality.
FUSION is creativity: a new surface with a versatile, original and eclectic personality, interpreting up to date trends through surprising textures and palettes to offer projects and productions a whole new range of solutions in style.
The entire line was developed by Italian expertise: high profile techniques and processing for a product of top quality and creativity, further proof of Cleaf’s commitment to innovation.

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Thermo structured surface FUSION - Cleaf

Thermo structured surface FUSION - Cleaf
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