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Elements Collection
The Elements collection is the expression of a desire to eliminate stereotypes and pre-established industrial design processes. In a society that is free from conditioning, objects - whatever kind they may be - can “release themselves” too; that is to say, they can eliminate technical aesthetics and undergo design modifications. So freeing a radiator from its valves and position these at a distance of as much as six metres, thanks to a patented built-in unit, is equivalent to freeing it from its typical technical appearance. This brings about new possibilities of interpretation of form according to aesthetic-intellectual rules that differ from previous ones. For this reason, along with the Basics and Extras collections, the company introduced the Elements collection, created by architects and designers of international renown. Elements becomes a “container of ideas” where the designers are called upon to create radiators that are more closely linked with the aesthetics of the home, where the sensual warmth of heating products is integrated into the architectural space with the same dignity and importance in project terms as other contemporary interior decoration elements.

Soho - This model recalls the style of classic radiators, with a play of repeated modules. The design highlights the essentiality of the elements and softens the lines. It is made of aluminium profiles that are joined together with a patented catch and lock system. Soho is available in vertical and horizontal versions with single or double column, and in variable heights and widths. The low water content – only 25% of a typical traditional tubular radiator – guarantees the same thermal yield.


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 - Vertical wall-mounted decorative radiator SOHO BATHROOM - Tubes Radiatori Vertical wall-mounted decorative radiator SOHO BATHROOM - The radiator is made with hot drawn aluminium profiles, which are joined together by a patented combination and locking system. A vital feature of the model is the considerable saving on water, approximately 75% less than a traditional tubular radiator, while the heat output remains unchanged. This means Soho qualifies fully for the category of eco-sustainable products which, in addition to guaranteeing low energy consumption levels, are made with fully-recyclable materials.
In 2014 Tubes presents a specific version of Soho for the bathroom. It features a special hand rail which works as a heated towel rail and can be positioned freely at any height of the radiator. The optional hook, which is supplied upon request, completes the line of thick chromed brass accessories.
The Soho Bathroom version is available in the vertical single-column version, in 4 heights from 70 cm to 170 cm and 3 widths from 31.2 cm (ideal for confined spaces, with 5 elements) to 51.6 cm (8 elements).
It can be connected to the central heating system using remote connection valves or with a special double 5 cm centred pitch fitting or a fitting with the same pitch as the traditional Tubes heated towel rail.
The existing colour range for Soho is supplemented by new special anodised aluminium finishes in silver, titanium and black. 
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Hot-water radiator SOHO | Floor-standing radiator - Tubes Radiatori

Hot-water radiator SOHO | Floor-standing radiator - Tubes Radiatori
Hot-water radiator SOHO | Floor-standing radiator - Tubes Radiatori

Hot-water radiator SOHO | Floor-standing radiator - Tubes Radiatori
Hot-water radiator SOHO | Floor-standing radiator - Tubes Radiatori

Hot-water radiator SOHO | Floor-standing radiator - Tubes Radiatori
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