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MEGA-DESIGN | Floating bookcase

Open floating TV wall system

Manufacturer Hülsta-Werke Hüls

Mega-Design Collection
One of the strengths of MEGA-DESIGN is its flexibility, even more so now: Innovative functions, new options and attractive finishes leave plenty of scope for individual combinations. This allows you to add your own unmistakable style to this living room, shelving and library system with audio-visual functions. Guaranteed!

Wool white lacquer, core walnut.
Classically-modern is a description that might have been invented especially for MEGA-DESIGN. The clean and timeless design can be perfectly combined with virtually every interior. It works very well as a suspended unit, featuring an attractive change of widths in the open compartments and a balanced interplay of lacquer, glass and wood.

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If you cannot decide whether to wall-mount MEGA-DESIGN or place it on the floor, simply combine the two. Carcase units in 3 and fronts in 6 Raster heights as well as side panels in 7 different heights up to 427.8 cm provide almost limitless design possibilities.
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Adaptable. In case the 7 different raster heights are not sufficient, the free of charge height, width and depth reductions or the optional bespoke productions will do the job. A perfect use of every inch of space!

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Open floating TV wall system MEGA-DESIGN | Floating bookcase - Hülsta-Werke Hüls

Open floating TV wall system MEGA-DESIGN | Floating bookcase - Hülsta-Werke Hüls
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