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MULTI-VARIS | Suspended sideboard

Lacquered suspended sideboard with drawers

Manufacturer Hülsta-Werke Hüls

Multi-Varis Collection
MULTI-VARIS is definitely at home in your house. Consoles, chests or dressing tables can be easily and individually planned using this versatile ancillary unit range. Perfectly adaptable to bedroom ranges and bed units, they also deliver outstanding functionality as single units.

There are many possibilities to take advantage of MULTI-VARIS in the dining room: as a chest, sideboard or dresser, it offers space for everything that you need to enjoy your meals.

Grey lacquer, core walnut.
MULTI-VARIS prestigious look is particularly welcome, with the elegant high-quality surfaces providing an attractive match for the hülsta dining collection.

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 - Lacquered sideboard with doors with drawers MULTI-VARIS | Sideboard - Hülsta-Werke Hüls Lacquered sideboard with doors with drawers White lacquer.
MULTI-VARIS ancillary units are easy to plan, simply look at the storage space that is required. Drawers and hinged doors can be used with different sized units. The wide choice of available surfaces, details and optional accents, which give each piece of furniture its individual look, provide a beautifully balanced overall ensemble.
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Taste is highly individual – every dining room is therefore unique. Cosy or prestigious, simplistic or luxurious, in light shades or bold colours, it has its own distinctive character. MULTI-VARIS offers units that will perfectly match any style and also works well as a single unit providing functional storage.
 - Lacquered chest of drawers MULTI-VARIS | Chest of drawers - Hülsta-Werke Hüls Lacquered chest of drawers The MULTI-VARIS ancillary units are just as versatile as the MULTI-FORMA II wardrobes that are available as single units with sliding doors, as hinged or folding door units featuring the endless add-on principle or even as a recess solution. Elegant wood and high-gloss surfaces open up a wide design spectrum to ensure a sophisticated look that will suit your individual style.

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Lacquered suspended sideboard with drawers MULTI-VARIS | Suspended sideboard - Hülsta-Werke Hüls

Lacquered suspended sideboard with drawers MULTI-VARIS | Suspended sideboard - Hülsta-Werke Hüls
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