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NANUK | Waste bin with lid

Outdoor steel waste bin

Manufacturer mmcité 1

Nanuk Collection
Nanuk - Formally extremely sparing, structurally simple, materially diverse – an example of smart design that delivers one of the widest ranges of litter bins with a fresh, attractive appearance. Cylinder and cuboid, two basic geometric shapes situated on a central leg with several types of cladding for truly universal usage. A cylinder with pleasant-looking wooden siding, the block additionally including bent reinforced steel sheet, transparent steel lathing, or interior-smooth high pressure laminate (HPL). Cuboid versions may also be fitted with an elegant canopy.
The unified galvanized steel frame sprayed with powder baked coating carries a sheathing which consists of grooved wooden siding, galvanized steel sheet, stainless steel sheet, or galvanized steel lathing. All steel parts are coated with powder paint finish. Another option is a sheathing of high-pressure laminate.


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Outdoor steel waste bin NANUK | Waste bin with lid - mmcité 1

Outdoor steel waste bin NANUK | Waste bin with lid - mmcité 1
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