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URBAN | Drafting stool

Drafting stool with armrests

Manufacturer ACTIU

Urban Collection
URBAN is a family of chairs for public spaces with a open architecture design concept that allows multiple configurations. It offers solutions to a wide range of needs in the market environment of contract and office chairs. It is ideal to use them along with conference chairs, meeting chairs or chairs for training rooms. It is formally delicate, light, technological and robust. It combines various different materials such as plywood, polypropylene, aluminum and steel, that along with an extensive range of upholstery and elastic fabrics, offer comfort and strength neccessary for each application. Its main unique characteristic is that it possesses a frame which allows multiple interchanges between its different components such as: legs, supporting frame, seats, arms etc. Thus leading to a large number of specific configurations for different uses.

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Drafting stool with armrests URBAN | Drafting stool - ACTIU

Drafting stool with armrests URBAN | Drafting stool - ACTIU
URBAN chair: The universe on your back


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