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12674 | Pet pillow

Classic style pet pillow

Manufacturer Modenese Gastone group

Casanova Collection
Casanova is a collection Modenese Gastone of classic furniture. Classical Baroque of the XVIII century has formed the background of this collection. This style was born on the territory of Rome in the times when luxury and refinement were nothing else but a lifestyle. By its nature the furniture of this period is not heavy or massive - it’s a soft and refined Baroque. The purpose of the Casanova collection is to bring harmony and comfort to the interior. Inspired by the Italian history and classical Baroque our designers expanded and refreshed this style in the new collection with new finishes, fabrics and accessories, bringing a trace of charm and an irresistible appeal to the classic furniture. 
Finishings, colors and decors bring the real vital energy to the carved wooden items. Using only natural paints, our decorative artists from the Venetian Academy of Arts enhance the beauty of our furniture with just a touch of their brush.
Decorating the furniture with fabrics using velvets, brocades, leathers, silks: it is always handmade process, as all the other production processes, and it is the final stage of creating a pure Made in Italy product: luxurious, stylish and of a certainly high quality.

cod.: 12674 - Cat pouffe (Cm: L. 59 P. 40 H. 30)

Further details

Furry friends, what passion!
They love us the way we are, they stay with us in any situation, they make us dream with their puppy eyes and their tongue out. Oh gosh, having a pet is truly wonderful. Only one touch on their fluffy fur is enough to forget all the pain. Nevertheless these little life fellows also need lots of attention: they have to be taken care of, fed and tidied up. And if we think well about it, it is a very paltry pledge to pay for having them next to us. Because the emotions that they make us feel are priceless.

Modenese Gastone has always been sensitive to this reality and offered functional interiors to families in order to help them to live the experience with their Fido better. The concept of pet-living crosses the furniture art and a line of customizable doghouses and accessories is proposed in each collection. The pet furniture compiles perfectly with the chosen interiors style. Each creation is distinguished by the high quality Made in Italy and by the lifted up reliability of the brand. Will your favorite puppy be a determined and solemn emperor or an elegant princess?

You can enjoy yourself by choosing the closest style and luxuries to their behavior. Plush ottomans, seats, imperial thrones and padded doghouses, every accessories is designed with one goal: ensuring the finest comfort to your little fellow. The solid wood assures the solidity of the entirely handmade structure which is finished by silver and gold leaf applications. The artistic language used by Modenese Gastone to express itself is mainly classic: sinuous curves, carvings, inlays, frames. The time stops and so we do.

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Italian classic furniture pet living cat pouffe - Casanova Collection - Modenese Gastone

Italian classic furniture pet living cat pouffe - Casanova Collection - Modenese Gastone

Classic style pet pillow 12674 | Pet pillow - Modenese Gastone group
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