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Window fittings

Manufacturer AGB - Alban Giacomo

Minimalist and linear design, the Minimal Plus XT striker is very discreetly installed on the door frame.
The incredible and simplified working allows a linear movement without interpolation thanks to the AGB patented system with inclined screws.
The fixed part inserted into the jamb allows the striker to be installed in a safe and precise way.
Thanks to the notched part, Minimal Plus XT is adjustable up to ± 1,5 mm obtaining several intermediate positions. If 3 mm are not enough, turning the cover tray, you can avail other 1,5 mm.
Minimal Plus XT is available for Mediana and XT locks and it can be used with or without magnet.
Window fittings MINIMAL PLUS XT - AGB - Alban Giacomo

Window fittings MINIMAL PLUS XT - AGB - Alban Giacomo
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