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EASY-FIX XT 2,2 mm

Window fittings

Manufacturer AGB - Alban Giacomo

For users who prefer traditional design solutions of metal strikers, Easy-Fix XT 2,2 mm is compatible with the Mediana and XT locks, thanks to the cover tray interchangeability, with or without magnet.
The AGB Research gave a solution to the requirements of high industrialized door producers, creating a striker that is completely suitable for the automatic assembly.
To face different automation solutions, AGB created Easy-Fix XT, the striker which provides the hooking-up of the cover tray on the metal part, guaranteeing a precise, simple and rapid movement. The striker does not need a precise cover tray milling to work correctly anymore .
For rebated doors you can obtain 3 mm adjustment just turning the striker and other 2 positions just turning the tray.
Window fittings EASY-FIX XT 2,2 mm - AGB - Alban Giacomo

Window fittings EASY-FIX XT 2,2 mm - AGB - Alban Giacomo
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