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AQUAPANEL® Basecoat Primer


Manufacturer Knauf Aquapanel

AQUAPANEL® Basecoat Primer is a ready-to-use, white-coloured, water-based emulsion for priming basecoated substrates where AQUAPANEL® exterior renders are used.
AQUAPANEL® Basecoat Primer is used as an undercoat for AQUAPANEL® Exterior Basecoat and AQUAPANEL® Exterior Basecoat - white as well as a primer over basecoated substrates where AQUAPANEL® render finishes, e.g. AQUAPANEL® Exterior Silicon Synthetic Resin Plaster, AQUAPANEL® Exterior Dispersion Plaster or AQUAPANEL® Exterior Mineral Finish are used on AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Outdoor. It reduces suction variations.
Material characteristics
- High resistance to alkalis
- Dries to white

Knauf Aquapanel Catalogues

Primer AQUAPANEL® Basecoat Primer - Knauf Aquapanel

Primer AQUAPANEL® Basecoat Primer - Knauf Aquapanel
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