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AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor

Tile backing board for wet and humid areas

Manufacturer Knauf Aquapanel

Designed for excellent performance in wet areas, AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor has always met high expectations.
Manufactured from inorganic materials and highly resistant to water, the board delivers exceptional stability in the most challenging wet conditions – even when exposed to chlorine.
Now, with the introduction of the new AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor, these expectations will be taken to a new and different level. Weighing just 11 kg per square metre, it’s optimised for exceptionally light performance. So, while it’s as water-resistant and reliable as ever, it’s also easier to handle and faster to install.
Delivering the same outstanding performance as always for installers and contractors working in wetroom areas – from swimming pools and steam saunas to communal showers and kitchen areas – AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor is the ideal choice for all projects.

Product benefits
● Weight reduction from 15 kg to 11 kg per square metre
● Improved score and snap technique, with easier cutting
● Faster installation and on-site handling
● Bending radius of 1 m at full board size
● 100% water-resistant
● Mould and mildew resistant
● Two types of joint treatment for increased system flexibility
● Ready keyed for tiling – only one layer required for tile finish
● Supports tiling up to 50 kg per square metre
● Surface qualities up to Q4 can be achieved
● Non-combustible – complies with European standards
● Robust and reliable with high impact resistance and sound insulation
● Safe to use, hygienic, manufactured from sustainable materials

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Tile backing board for wet and humid areas AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor - Knauf Aquapanel

Tile backing board for wet and humid areas AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor - Knauf Aquapanel
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