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Concealed basic set

Manufacturer FIMA Carlo Frattini

With the fimabox system, installing a built-in device is child's play. Instant advantages: speed, simplicity, practicality. Moreover, fimabox is universal, it fits in flush with the wall finish, does not transmit vibrations and comes with two fixing options. Fimabox, revolutionising the recessed shower kit: exclusive, simple and works with all fima carlo frattini product ranges.  Total freedom to choose coupled with extreme flexibility and technical simplicity are among the advantages offered by this cutting-edge recessed kit. Fimabox is an extraordinary solution offering technologically advanced features that are unparalleled in the field. Its exceptional versatility makes this installation system extremely intuitive and quick to assemble, flexible and adaptable to any bathroom finish, regardless of whether you are renovating or installing a completely new system. Over 40 different product models are available when choosing the bathroom finish, which makes fimabox compatible with all fima carlo frattini product ranges. 
As with all fima carlo frattini taps and fittings, the fimabox comes with a 7-year warranty. the fima carlo frattini approach is based on all-round quality and excellent service, through technical support and extremely short delivery times.
Fimabox: the new extraordinary revolution by fima carlo frattini!  


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Concealed basic set FIMABOX - FIMA Carlo Frattini

Concealed basic set FIMABOX - FIMA Carlo Frattini
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