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ECLIPSE | Overhead shower

Contemporary style overhead shower

Manufacturer FIMA Carlo Frattini

Eclipse Collection
Eclipse, result of continuous product innovation voltage - distinctive feature of FIMA Carlo Frattini - is an arty product line outstanding for the supple harmony of its details which perfectly blend in with the sharp style of the design by Giuseppe Bavuso.
Features sculpted shapes, yet sinuous and seductive for this new collection that, far from being an impersonal water dispenser, is characterized by expressive rigor and emotional strength. The typical feature of this design, which is both unique and innovative, is the lever that appealingly becomes one with the mixer-tap body and merges with the spout in a single compact sculpture. The design of the spout features a built-in nozzle which contributes to the compact look of the whole assembly and the aesthetic terseness of its style.  
Eclipse is a perfect symbol of  FIMA Carlo Frattini’s interest in innovation and research. This is especially evident in the shower product line, including a patented built-in double mixer controlling the water flow from the shower heads, which allows selecting different temperature and flow rates. Two cartridges control independently through the two handles the water exit and, therefore, its water flow thus offering the possibility of having two different temperatures and two different water flows.

Wall-mounted showerhead, featuring two water flow options: rainfall – from the anti-limescale silicone nozzles – or waterfall – from the blade jet.   


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Contemporary style overhead shower ECLIPSE | Overhead shower - FIMA Carlo Frattini

Contemporary style overhead shower ECLIPSE | Overhead shower - FIMA Carlo Frattini
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