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SAX AIR | Visitor's chair

Cantilever visitor's chair

Manufacturer Sesta

Sax Air Series
Sax Air is part of the Sax family, which also consists of Sax Rete, Sax 8 and Sax 24. The common aesthetic and constructive thread between Sax Rete and Sax Air is evident...the two series are exactly the same; the only difference is that in Sax Air, the same mesh used for Sax Rete is upholstered on the front and back (with the addition of a thin layer of padding) and forms a strong but at the same time light and airy coating. Sax Air is available in all the standard Sesta coverings. Sax Air is available with two mechanism options: the new, self-adjusting Synchro PSY6 (automatic tension adjustment), making it more simple to use the mechanism in the task chair, and Synchro SY24, the same mechanism used for Sax 24.

Sax Air cantilever Waiting Chair by Sesta.

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Cantilever visitor's chair SAX AIR | Visitor's chair - Sesta

Cantilever visitor's chair SAX AIR | Visitor's chair - Sesta
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