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FRANK | Small sofa

Fabric small sofa

Manufacturer Sesta

Paul&Frank Series
Lounge chair and sofa for waiting rooms, visitors, meetings, rest areas to match benches and side tables. Frank features an exposed sub-frame so the padding “rests on top” (fixed in place with Velcro, fully removable), while the padding on Paul is integrated in the padded sub-frame. Both Frank and Paul have removable covers and the parts can be easily disassembled, making them 100% recyclable. For Frank only, the frame of the fixed chairs and of the sofa, including the sub-frame, and the frames of the side tables, are also available in the following colours: mustard (SE 06), melon (ME 20) and plum (VI 04), in addition to black (N), white (BI), grey (VA) and with chrome finish (CR).

Frank fabric small sofa by Sesta.

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Fabric small sofa FRANK | Small sofa - Sesta

Fabric small sofa FRANK | Small sofa - Sesta
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