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EPS Pre-built bathroom cell

Manufacturer VPF

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 - Mobile Home Linea DECAPE' - VPF Mobile Home Home VPF , evolution is a fate. [cit. Thomas Mann].
DECAPE ' : The evolution of a species is regulated by a series of incremental changes that occur with significant morphological changes, structural and functional.
So at home VPF born Decapè line, direct derivative of Evolution, which brings in his name his own destiny.
The VPF Decapè complete a line of Mobile Home already widely varied and able to cater to the tastes of a demanding clientele.
The lines are modern, almost future; colors and plasters of the exterior trim strips characterize the slim and shapely figure; the same concept into the design and development of the interior designed furniture. The spaces are well developed and are enriched by new solutions such as foldaway beds.
The LED lights are used to enhance the forms for both the interior and to the exterior.
The interior is upholstered with travertine marble effect (60x30) emphasize the true essence of this New Mobile Home VPF.
The roominess of Decapè VPF is unique in its kind.
It is different from the other mobile home as she studied to be top of the class.
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EPS Pre-built bathroom cell Moduli bagno - VPF

EPS Pre-built bathroom cell Moduli bagno - VPF
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