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Boiler for solar heating system

Manufacturer CORDIVARI

The Bollyterm HP produces DHW thanks to the heat energy naturally present in the air, allowing considerable energy savings. The functioning of heat pump is based on the exploitation of a particular ecological gas (R134) that, through its compression and expansion, ensures high performance and cost effi ciency. The energy (heat) is transferred from the air to the water through a condenser coil wrapped outside the tank, avoiding any possible contact between the fluid and the sanitary water, ensuring therefore maximum hygiene and safety The output is indicated by the coeffi cient of performance C.O.P. indicating the relation between used and obtained energy. The C.O.P. on Bollyterm is 3.8. Besides, the Bollyterm HP is already equipped with additional electrical immersion of 1500 watt back up system. Bollyterm HP is also available with solar coil version for integration with Cordivari Solar Collector, with further advantage in terms of effi ciency and comfort.

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Boiler for solar heating system BOLLYTERM HPI - CORDIVARI

Boiler for solar heating system BOLLYTERM HPI - CORDIVARI
CERSAIE 2016 | Cordivari - Luca Di Giannatale, Mariano Moroni
CERSAIE 2016 | Cordivari - Marco Pisati
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