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SLIDE | Spout

Waterfall spout

Manufacturer FIMA Carlo Frattini

Cloud & Slide Collection
Cloud and Slide enrich FIMA Wellness program, adding to shower heads Piano, net shapes and square, and Vela, more rounded and gentle, capable of transforming the environment in an intimate shower space where you can spend special relaxing moments. Two jets available: raining, similar to that of rain in nature, full but delicate, can be integrated by the waterfall, more energy and vitality, vigorously massaging the neck and shoulders with regenerating effects. Made of stainless steelthey are extremely functional and easy to install without the need for any wall mount or recessed parts, representing a perfect solution for insertion into existing environments shower. Not only, the valuable antibacterial properties, the high gloss and resistance to limestone over time are other important pluses.
Both with dimensions 583x170 mm, are ideal for domestic for both the contract and were characterized by the meticulous attention to detail, 100 % Made in Italy as a whole production FIMA Carlo Frattini

Slide is the new ultra-thin stylish waterfall wall curve created by the research center FIMA Carlo Frattini. A proposal of high design, made with the latest technology of laser processing and scotch brite stainless steel, natural iconography recalls bringing with it an original graphic sign in the bathroom. With Slide the water is the protagonist, caressing the body and giving experience of absolute pleasure through a cascade jet, copious, energetic and enveloping, but careful consumption thanks to a special flow reducer that mixture of water and air, for an effective massage. 


mm 250 x 165

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Waterfall spout SLIDE | Spout - FIMA Carlo Frattini

Waterfall spout SLIDE | Spout - FIMA Carlo Frattini
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