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TEXTURE | Bathtub tap

Bathtub tap with hand shower

Manufacturer FIMA Carlo Frattini

Texture Collection
Minimalism and décor for Texture Collection, the new system signed FIMA Carlo Frattini, currently developed in wash basin mixer, wall mounted wash basin mixer, bath and shower mixer versions. An ideal proposal for the contract sector that arises from the interpretation of design as a means of expression of different natures and styles to best suit every design input. This concept finds its greatest expression in the unusual interchangeable grips, true stylistic elements of Texture, with which you can create different looks, and always sought after contemporary taste for bathroom environments of great character able to renew itself just like a change of clothes.
Heart of the project is the richness of the finish of the knobs available in three variants, with distinct signs that portray many three-dimensional surface texture: (X) Cross whose naming reveals an elegant faceted surface, inspired by the precious stone diamond for sophisticated environments; (V) Vertical, distinguished by the geometric rigor of a polygon with 19 sides; (H) Horizontal, which offers a three-dimensional effect with horizontal stripes mood hi-tech.
Texture collection is a series 100% Made in Italy, as the entire production FIMA Carlo Frattini on the choice of the highest quality materials and meticulous attention to detail in the full aesthetic and functional.   

The deck mounted bath mixer of the new collection Texture Collection by FIMA Carlo Frattini, signed by Meneghello Paolelli Associates. It shows the propose with texture (H) Horizontal, that gives an effect of tridimensional horizontal lines for a hi-tech mood, in the black finishing. 

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Badge TEXTURE | Bathtub tap

Bathtub tap with hand shower TEXTURE | Bathtub tap - FIMA Carlo Frattini

Bathtub tap with hand shower TEXTURE | Bathtub tap - FIMA Carlo Frattini
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