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QUID 110

LED wall lamp

Manufacturer Lombardo

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Quid Series
A new way has been devised for lighting settings, not only with lighting effects, but also with the chance to integrate the lighting with the furniture so you can fulfil your longing for style. QUID enables light fixtures to be created in the shapes and colours that only your imagination can envisage. 
The project is centred around the “motor”, the very heart of the system which, thanks to its particular design, is able to exploit the innovative LED technology to full advantage, offering maximum light yield while optimising heat dissipation. 
From here you can let your creativity run free: the configuration system allows more than 1,000 different “tried and tested” solutions to be created, but how many others will you be able to invent?
Indoors or out, QUID allows you to create the right atmosphere for your every need.

QUID 110 and QUID 160 are the power units, also suitable for outdoor use if combined with its accessories. Integrated driver 220 - 240V and the latest generation of Led Chip on Board with ratings of up to 22W. The styling and load bearing structure with its patented design features a high dissipation capacity, high power efficiency and high axial light intensity. Made of die-cast aluminium primary alloy, it is highly resistant to oxidization due to the zirconium-based passivation treatment and UV stabilized polyester resin coating. Silicone gaskets IP66. A4 stainless steel nuts and bolts. 
LED Natural white (N) or 3000K (3). Integral ballast 220-240V. 
No risk of photobiological damage, RG0 group (EN62471), if combined with relevant optical units.


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A luminaire waiting to be "dressed"
Elements of the system
It all starts with QUID

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LED wall lamp QUID 110 - Lombardo

LED wall lamp QUID 110 - Lombardo

LED wall lamp QUID 110 - Lombardo
LED wall lamp QUID 110 - Lombardo

LED wall lamp QUID 110 - Lombardo
LED wall lamp QUID 110 - Lombardo

LED wall lamp QUID 110 - Lombardo
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