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R470F - R470A

Radiator systems' upgrade kit

Manufacturer Giacomini

Even in modern radiators heating systems it is not sufficient to control water temperature for proper energy  management: in the different areas of a building very different temperatures can occur, just think of what  happens between the first and last floor of a building or between the areas exposed south or north. Not only: during the day the heat loads of one room change due to many causes such as external temperature  variation, solar irradiation that goes through the glass surfaces of doors and windows and gratuitous contributions  of energy due to the presence of many persons or to heat dissipation due to the operation of appliances or other  electrical devices.  As widely experienced, just increasing supply water temperature to guarantee an acceptable climatic comfort  in the most disadvantaged area bears the inconvenience of overheating uselessly the other areas and wasting  huge quantities of energy. This causes extremely negative consequences on the family budget and on the  environment. 
Radiator systems' upgrade kit R470F - R470A - Giacomini

Radiator systems' upgrade kit R470F - R470A - Giacomini
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