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Differential pressure controller valve

Manufacturer Giacomini

R206C balancing valves are differential pressure controllers that maintain constant pressure regardless the flow rate. R206C is a straight-version linear controller and works without auxiliary power. The nominal differential pressure can be continuously adjusted from 250 to 600 mbar. The value for the setting can be read from the diagram. The nominal set point is factory preset to a minimum. A capillary (1000 mm) is included and should be connected to the circuit regulating valve in the flow.
Working temperature range: 2÷110 °C (-20÷110 °C with frost protection).
Maximum working pressure: 16 bar.
Maximum differential pressure: 2 bar.
Differential pressure range setting: 25÷60 kPa.
The valve is fitted in the return flow in any orientation.
The arrow on the valve body should align with the direction of flow. It is recommended that an isolation valve is fitted both upstream and downstream of the differential pressure controller. The valves must be installed for the correct application using clean fittings. A strainer (R74A) should be fitted to prevent impurities.
Differential pressure controller valve R206C - Giacomini

Differential pressure controller valve R206C - Giacomini
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