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PC 144

Breathable water-based paint

Manufacturer FASSA

Decorcalce Line
Decorative mineral water paint based on lime for exteriors and interiors
PC 144 is used as decorative mineral paint in interiors and exteriors, on base coat or finish coat plasters based on lime or lime-cement, on mineral finish coat plasters such as RF 100, RM 200 etc. as well as on the mineral fine-graded plaster I 133. It can also be applied on "Malta Fina", provided that the fine mortar is hard enough and the adhesion to the substrate is sufficient. If applied outdoors on historical buildings treated with lime-based finish coat plasters or paints based on lime, it can be used as a breathable decorative coating with antique effect . Anyway, considering the current weather conditions, it cannot be considered a highly protective product.
• Containers of approx. 14 and 5 l
• Colour shades: see Colour Chart

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Breathable water-based paint PC 144 - FASSA

Breathable water-based paint PC 144 - FASSA
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