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MANOLIBERA | Corner shower cabin

Corner glass shower cabin

Manufacturer MEGIUS

Manolibera Collection
Fates that meet up, opposite poles that attract, contrasts that balance, this is the philosophy that inspires ARTBOX by Megius, the new brand within the famous company wants to tell the provocations and the creative experimentation the more extreme and artistic and, at the same time , the more essential in the world of shower enclosures .
The ARTBOX series in fact rework the traditional shower contents, introducing in addition to introducing well-defined volumes and square shapes, sinuous movements, almost hand-drawn, or a trick of lights and shades, thus offering a bathroom idea that, as the name suggests itself, plays with art in its various expressions. 
The result are original and elegant contrasts that want to offer innovative ideas of provocation and debate, outside of the box and the traditional axiom according to which the perfect shower is only “aesthetic and functional”.

Manolibera, with 6 mm glass panel (in the sliding version is 6+8), 195 cm height and a lower profile almost absent, reminds of the instinctive art, where the author gives shape to his
work with simple and yet studied lines.
- height: 200 cm
- glass tickness: 6 mm
- glass: transparent, fumè e opaline
- handle and profiles in brilliant chrome

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Corner glass shower cabin MANOLIBERA | Corner shower cabin - MEGIUS
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