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MG 6554/ROV

Baroque wooden dresser

Manufacturer OAK Industria Arredamenti

Galleria Collection
The Galleria collection creates a dialogue between tradition and contemporaneity; with this vision, oak has set itself a challenge, seeking to assure emotions for its customers through its articles, which thus acquire a raison d’être in everyday life today and this in every situation, by stressing quality as an end in itself, from the design concept to the materials used.
The collection has above all the merit of completeness. the project covers all the main trends in taste and includes the entire variety of manufacturing techniques, from the late 16th century to the baroque, from rococo to the sheer lines of neoclassicism, from the empire style of the european courts to more contemporary forms.

MG 6554/ROV - Oak chest of drawers with gilt details. Estremoz white marble top. Period: Baroque - Germany 1750.

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Baroque wooden dresser MG 6554/ROV - OAK Industria Arredamenti

Baroque wooden dresser MG 6554/ROV - OAK Industria Arredamenti
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