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Metal door handle on rose

Manufacturer Valli & Valli

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Words Series
Words was developed in both the residential (made of brass) and contract (made of steel) versions.
Want to switch around the rooms in your home? Or… is there a “new entry” in your life (and therefore in your home)? No problem: Words can be unscrewed and updated with a simple gesture. Upon request, the plaque with side-to-side incision can be secured to the handle by means of a hexagonal screw to make replacement easy.
Words is also perfect for customizing a hotel room with a number or a made-up name. And if twenty years from now the plates are a bit worn and will have lost their shine, simply remove them and send them to  Valli&Valli to restore their original condition. 
An innovative and unusual offer, dedicated to those looking for originality.
Available in the following finishes: Cromsatin/opaque black and Chrome/opaque black.

The Words H 1055 Series consists of:

-          Door handle with 50-mm round rose, material: brass/aluminium
-          Door handle with rose and narrow escutcheon
-          Window handle with 4-release mechanism
-          BZG privacy lock
-          BZG privacy lock  with vacant/occupied indicator
-          50-mm  standard key hole escutcheon
-          50-mm cylinder key hole escutcheon
-          Standard key hole narrow escutcheon
-          Cylinder key hole narrow escutcheon
Dimensions: 160 x 50 x 42 mm

Metal door handle on rose WORDS - Valli & Valli

Metal door handle on rose WORDS - Valli & Valli
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