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CDi 2302

Welding machine

Manufacturer TSP

CDi 2302 - Stud Welding Unit (with digital display) for CD stud welding (capacitor discharge welding) according to current standards.
Maximum welding rates 
Minimum energy consumption 
Minimum weight 
Maximum efficiency 
Unbeatable new power pack
With efficient inverter-capacitor charging technology
Enormous time and energy savings (30 % less energy!)
Highest cycle sequence of its class (up to 40 studs/min.)
20 % energy reserve due to 220 V charging voltage
Simple operation & minimal weight (20 % lighter than previous model)
Extreme long life due to robust and functional industrial design
Highest level of quality and safety
IP 23 - Highest possible protection of its class
Capacitor formation recorded - Quality control for consistent capacitor quality through automated formation
Shock-proof capacitor battery - No contact of the capacitors to the device housing; sparkover (short circuit) is therefore not possible!
Cooling channel - Protects the electronic components from getting soiled. Ideal cooling of the inverter charging p.c. board for high sequence cycles. 

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Welding machine CDi 2302 - TSP

Welding machine CDi 2302 - TSP
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