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TOSCA | Fabric sofa

Fabric sofa with headrest

Manufacturer Jori

A timeless original that stands out from the crown because of its soberness and airiness. For designer Jean-Pierre Audebert the task was clear, interpreting it was all the more difficult, until he saw the lines of the Tosca model appear on his drawing board one fruitful evening. The Tosca is a paradoxical creation: It looks so finely constructed and gracious but it is thus even more comfortable and very typically JORI. A contemporary but timeless design, with a healthy disregard for all trends, its characteristic frame in bright chrome embraces the back and sides to enhance its appearance and attractiveness. Its simple lines accentuate its superior comfort, which is obvious on the first touch. The Tosca comes with an adjustable armrest and is also available with a head rest. Try it and persuade yourself that appearance really deceives.

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Fabric sofa with headrest TOSCA | Fabric sofa - Jori

Fabric sofa with headrest TOSCA | Fabric sofa - Jori
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