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Lacquered metal cabinet door

Manufacturer Presotto Industrie Mobili

I-modulART Collection
I-modulArt, is the expression of a combination of various cultural fields that offer a new creative perspective and flatten out the borderlines between adjacent territories, materials, colours, nature and technicalities. At this time of great cultural contamination, open to every type of experimentation: between art-design-fashion, handicraft wisdom and hyper-technological sophistication, nature and artifice, mass production and product customisation, tradition and innovation.

I-modulART is also capable of expressing on-going innovation, especially in terms of technology. This is how beautiful furniture that conceals audio devices without impairing sound diffusion is born; furniture that can also be used as smartphone and tablet dockstations, or house the most cutting-edge “real fire effect” technologies. Once again, technology is perfectly integrated in the furniture without any unsightly wiring in view, in line with a new home customisation concept that goes beyond interior design and becomes multisensorial.

Straight base unit, the door is made of an MDF frame covered with micro-perforated metal that lets the sound through and improves air circulation inside the compartment. Available in 34 matt lacquer colours. The micro-perforated door does not guarantee transmission of the remote control IR signal which is why it is advisable to use a signal repeater.

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Lacquered metal cabinet door YOU_SOUND - Presotto Industrie Mobili

Lacquered metal cabinet door YOU_SOUND - Presotto Industrie Mobili
Lacquered metal cabinet door YOU_SOUND - Presotto Industrie Mobili

Lacquered metal cabinet door YOU_SOUND - Presotto Industrie Mobili
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