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GHIBLI | Turkish bath

Turkish bath


Ghibli Collection
Ghibli is a turkish model of hammam and shower complete with steam generator and insulating structure, to be installed without masonry work and ready to go. With the convenience of a single point of contact even for after-sales service, Ghibli simplifies everything: no masonry work, no complex preparations, waiting times and more professionals to coordinate. Ghibli is the most effective and easy way to enjoy a high quality steam.
Ghibli is available in three sizes designed to accommodate one or more persons. The three dimentions facilitate the inclusion in any type of setting to match the needs of space at the best, while maintaining the technical and aesthetic qualities.

Dimensions: 150 x 150 x 215 H cm

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Turkish bath GHIBLI | Turkish bath - GRUPPO GEROMIN

Turkish bath GHIBLI | Turkish bath - GRUPPO GEROMIN
CERSAIE 2016 | Gruppo Geromin - Mauro Tinazzi
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