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Niche sauna

Manufacturer HAFRO

Cuna Collection
According to the northern tradition saunas have to be build in wood, material that keeps on living even after the tree felling, suitable for the maintenance and propagation of heat. To these excellences, Sauna Vita® adds the extraordinary properties of a rear wood which was devoted to the creation of violins and pianos till now: the resonance red fir of Tarvisio forest, famous in the world for its peculiarity in to propagate the sound.
In the realization of the saunas, red fir is combined with Hemlock arriving from the rainforests of Alaska and western Canada. A wise woods mixture to assure the maximum quality to the sauna.

Wood is the main material of finnish sauna and we are always searching for a full satisfaction of aesthetical desire, so we have decided to use glass also in the structure itself.
Comfort comes from light
Led colour therapy system allows the immersion in the colors and in their beneficent influence to stimulate joy, energy in order to enjoy the deserved relax.
The power of music
Music is passion, relax, emotion. Sauna Vita® brings music into the sauna with the possibility to add a system audio composed by the the radio in FM and from the provision to iPod entry.
Total protection
The heater is located in a safe place and it's isolatedfrom the framework by a LAMINAM® panel, an highly technological material that allows a total protection from the heat and perfectly match with the accurate aesthetics of the sauna.

Cuna 165 x 127 x 204 h (cm) - Niche. Max power 3 kW

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Niche sauna CUNA | Sauna - HAFRO

Niche sauna CUNA | Sauna - HAFRO
Niche sauna CUNA | Sauna - HAFRO

Niche sauna CUNA | Sauna - HAFRO
Niche sauna CUNA | Sauna - HAFRO

Niche sauna CUNA | Sauna - HAFRO
Niche sauna CUNA | Sauna - HAFRO

Niche sauna CUNA | Sauna - HAFRO
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