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Component for water network

Manufacturer OVENTROP

The Oventrop “Brawa-Mix 97” Thermostatic mixing valve features a stepless manual adjustment of the temperature of mixed water for domestic use, and is particularly suitable for use in Hospitals, Schools, Nursing Homes and other care situations.
– Performance in accordance with NHS Model Specification DO8, as a “Type 3” valve (see Table 2 below), and to NHS Estates Guidance Note “Safe” Hot Water and Surface Temperatures.
– WRc Certificate No. ETC/43/0698
– Allows high temperature primary hot water to combat Legionella, without the risk of scalding.
– Lockable handwheel.
– Calcification resistant.
– A range of inlet fittings kits allow for flexibility of installation.
– Available with integral WRc approved check valves and stainless steel mesh strainers.

OVENTROP Catalogues

Component for water network BRAWA-MIX - OVENTROP

Component for water network BRAWA-MIX - OVENTROP
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